Program Highlights

Young Professional group TOLA volunteers to provide a Fun Park Day for NDY Youth!

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NDY Youth Ecstatic About Shopping Spree!

Congregation Or Ami partnered with Kohls Department Store to sponsor 35 NDY youth to go on a Shopping Spree at Kohls in West Hills.

Youth woke up at 5:00am and traveled in the NDY vans to arrive at 6AM on Sunday, December 2nd to shop.

Kohl's opened up their store early just for the NDY Youth.

Kohls staff volunteered to open early during the period and Congregation Or Ami had 35 families donate their time to chaperon the NDY youth while shopping to help choose clothes and make smart economic choices.

Congregation Or Ami also provided a breakfast of muffins, cheese, juice, breakfast bars, and other snacks.

What a delightful morning!

G.R.Y.D. = Gang Reduction Youth Development Program Highlight

The City of Los Angeles Mayor's Office provides funding for NDY to implement a Gang Prevention program called G.R.Y.D. (Gang Reduction Youth Development). This hugely successful program provides gang prevention services for youth at high risk of gang involvement in the Panorama City / North Hills area of the San Fernando Valley. NDY currently has 202 youth enrolled and in G.R.Y.D. and provides services in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Community and Faith-Based Organizations and the County of Los Angeles Probation Department.

NDY's staff provides more than 1,800 hours of service per month and more than 21,000 hours of service per year for G.R.Y.D. youth between the ages of 10-15!

NDY's G.R.Y.D. program provides case management, family advocacy, counseling and therapy, anger management, conflict resolution, substance abuse prevention and intervention education, tutoring and homework assistance, safe passages, mentoring, life skills, youth employment and parent education for youth and their families.

In 2009, The Board of Directors of NDY organized a monthly motivational and inspirational "Speaker Series" for the NDY kids. The premise behind this program is to reach out to those that have transcended the hurdles, obstacles and the insurmountable and invite them to share their journey and stories with our at-risk-youth.

List of past Distinguished Speakers includes

  • James Loney
  • Brett Ellen
  • Ron Pitts
  • Paul Gross
  • Cynthia Ramirez
  • Greg Koubek
  • George Washington
  • David Kirschner, Producer of the Chucky Movies, American Tale, Hocus Pocus and many others.
  • Mark Jones, Battalion Chief, Los Angeles Fire Department
  • Los Angeles Councilman Tony Cardenas and Mitchell Englander, Chief of Staff for Greig Smith
  • Syd Leibovitch, CEO of Rodeo Realty
  • Willie O'Ree, Retired Hockey Player (First Black Hockey Player in the NHL)
  • Don Gold, Vice President of the UFC
  • Dr. Angela Arango from Providence Hospital
  • Rafer Johnson, Gold Medal Winner & Daughter, Jenny Johnson, Professional Volleyball Player
  • Amanda Cotton, Underwater Photographer
  • John Garry , Voice Over Specialist
  • James Manzi, FBI
  • Carlton Clay, Hannah Barbara
  • Dr. H. Christian Raigosa, Kaiser Permanente

NDY Theatre Program

The NDY Theatre Program has Mr. Keenan, being an experienced artist, teaching the kids about acting, singing, dancing and much more... His goal is to take the negative emotions, experiences that these kids might have and transforms it to something positive. By having these kids perform it builds their self-esteem, organizational skills, people skills, conflict resolution skills and much more.

They will be having an upcoming Performance on November 18th at NDFY.... Putting their natural talents to use Mr. K will be conducting this event for all the parents, board members and the staff to take notice of how talented these kids are. We at NDFY are here to promote success in these kids.

"Chucky" comes to NDY

David Kirschner, Producer of the, "Chucky" Movies, came to NDY to share his movie-making knowledge with the kids in the hopes of inspiring them to pursue careers and goals in the entertianment industry.

L.A. Rod & Reel Club fishing trip


Off to a Clippers Game!

New Directions for Youth Quotes from Kids 2008

Roy, 12th Grade
I really like the NDY program because it has helped me learn a lot of things about how to be more mature about a situation. Before NDY, I would get in trouble with the police a lot and at school. Now I understand that I am a Senior and I can't get into trouble because I want to graduate from high school so I can go to college and be something in life.

Robert, 11th Grade
I really don't know what to say, but Tim (NDY Staff) has inspired me to be a better Robert. Ever since I started attending New Directions for Youth it has sincerely made me a better person. Because when I was 2 months, my father died and when I was 14 years old, I met Tim. I was one of the first kids at this site and every since, I met Tim he has been like a second father to me. And he has taught me a lot of things about life and everything a man would teach his own son. And for that I want to thank Tim, Monica and all the staff at New Directions for Youth.

Robert D., 10th Grade
When I first came into New Directions, I was scared to talk to people because I was shy. Now I know how to get a job and how to fill out a job application. I also learned how to fill out a check, open a checking account.

Ronisha, 14
Growing up I didn't have it good. My dad was violent towards my mom and I am glad that we moved away from that nonsense. Every since that day we moved, I've been living better. I am trying to stay away from the drama and trouble of hanging out with the wrong people. I think NDY is what makes me stay out of trouble. For once in my life I actually am proud of myself for doing the right thing.

Leonard, 15
When I was growing up, I wasn't really bad. I went to school like every other guy. I had friends. I had a little trouble with teachers and students. Later in life I gave up in school or really didn't care. Maybe cause of family issues. I tried giving more effort, but giving up or not trying as hard became a habit. I tried over and over to get my grades up. NDY taught me how to apply my effort and give 100%. Then they taught me how to get better social skills. I am still waiting to see what more I can improve on.

Robin, 15
My life makes me sad and mad because I miss my mother and my father and my sisters. I miss them so much. NDY helps me with my problems and my homework. NDY has the nicest people and is the nicest place in the world.

Deondre, 16
My name is Deondre and my life has been terrible before I got into the NDY program. Before I was delinquent and wouldn't listen to people and was always fighting at school and at home. I was always being neglected and abused verbally and physically, but when I got into the program everything got much better for me. I have been doing real good lately.

New Directions for Youth White Water Rafting and Leadership Camp 2007

NDY treated 35 at-risk youth to 5 days of camping and rafting on the lower Kern River in late August of 2007 as a reward for academic success and program accomplishments, youth in foster care and /or at-risk of gang involvement experienced the opportunity of a lifetime.

NDY staff utilized this opportunity to integrate basic survival skill training with self-esteem building activities which inspired the youth campers to overcome adversity and become successful in their own lives.